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Glossary of Terms

The glossary of commonly used terms in the industry at Any Appliance Repair provides a concise compilation of terms frequently used in the field of appliance repair. This resource helps our customers better understand the technical concepts related to their appliances and facilitates communication between our experts and users.

Glossary of Terms


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are a compilation of the most common questions that customers typically ask about Any Appliance Repair Co. and the services we offer. This section aims to provide clear and concise answers to the most common inquiries that customers may have before engaging our services.


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Air Conditionig Repair Service
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San Mateo Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration services provide expert installation, repair, and maintenance for businesses refrigeration systems, ensuring optimal functionality and temperature control for perishable goods.

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Residential Refrigerator

Residential Refrigeration

Residential refrigeration services offer professional installation, repair, and maintenance for home refrigeration systems, guaranteeing efficient cooling and preservation of food and beverages for homeowners.

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Ice Maker Machine

Ice Maker Machines

Commercial and residential ice maker services provide reliable installation, repair, and maintenance solutions for ice-making equipment, ensuring a steady supply of ice for businesses and homes.

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Wine Chiller

Wine Cooler

Wine cooler services cater to both commercial and residential settings, offering expert installation, maintenance, and repair for wine cooling systems, ensuring optimal temperature and humidity conditions for preserving wine collections.

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frequently asked questions

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frequently asked questions

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Any Appliance Repair is a reliable and efficient company that specializes in repairing all types of appliances. If you’re having problems with your refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, oven, or any other appliance, don’t hesitate to contact them to schedule an online appointment.

Their team of trained technicians is available to assist you at any time and solve any issues you may have. With their extensive experience in the field, you can rest assured that your appliances will be in good hands with Any Appliance Repair.

Scheduling an online appointment is easy and convenient, so don’t hesitate to book one today to address your appliance problems.

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These are the most common terms in Refrigeration and Appliance Repair

What is the cost of a diagnostic visit?

Our diagnostic visit cost may vary depending on the location and type of appliance. If we repair your appliance the visit is free. Please contact us for more details about our rates.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit and debit cards, and, in some cases, checks. Please check with our customer service team for available payment options.

Do you offer warranties on repair services?

Yes, we offer warranties on our repair services. The duration of the warranty may vary depending on the type of repair and parts used. We will provide specific details regarding the warranty.

When should I replace my appliance instead of repairing it

The decision to repair or replace depends on several factors, such as the age of the appliance, the cost of repair versus the price of a new appliance, and the availability of replacement parts. Our technicians can help you make the best decision.

What should I do if my appliance is still under warranty?

If your appliance is still under warranty, we recommend contacting the manufacturer or warranty provider for assistance. If you need additional help, we will be happy to provide our repair services.

How long do air conditioning and heating systems last?

The lifespan of an air conditioning or heating system varies depending on factors such as equipment quality, proper maintenance, and regular usage. On average, they are expected to last between 10 and 15 years, but this can vary.

Can you help me select a new air conditioning or heating system?

Yes, our experts can assess your needs and recommend the most suitable air conditioning or heating system for your home or business. We have experience installing a variety of brands and models.

What should I do if my refrigerator has water leaks?

Water leaks in a refrigerator can be caused by various reasons, such as a clogged drain or a faulty water valve. We recommend turning off the refrigerator and contacting us to schedule a repair as soon as possible.

What is the best way to maintain my appliance in good condition?

 Regular maintenance is key. Clean the filters regularly, check electrical connections, avoid overloading the appliance, and follow the manufacturer's recommendations for proper care and maintenance.

Do you have experience in repairing commercial refrigeration equipment?

Yes, we have experience in repairing commercial refrigeration equipment, such as commercial display cases, commercial freezers, and cooling systems for restaurants and commercial establishments.

What is the typical response time for emergency repairs?

We strive to respond to emergency repairs as quickly as possible. Response time may vary depending on availability and location, but we make every effort to provide prompt and efficient service in urgent situations

Do you offer maintenance contracts for heating and cooling systems?

Yes, we offer maintenance contracts for heating and cooling systems. These contracts may include scheduled maintenance visits and discounts on additional repairs. Please contact us for more information.

Do you provide emergency repair services?

Yes, we offer emergency repair services. We understand that appliance breakdowns can happen at any time, and our team is available to assist you with urgent repairs to get your appliances back up and running quickly.

How do I schedule an appointment for a repair service?

Scheduling an appointment is easy. You can contact our customer service team via phone or through our website to book a convenient time for a technician to visit your location and assess the appliance in need of repair.

Are your technicians certified and trained?

Yes, our technicians are certified and undergo regular training to stay up to date with the latest technologies and repair techniques. They are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to handle a wide range of appliance issues.

What safety measures do you take during repairs?

Safety is a top priority for us. Our technicians follow strict safety protocols to ensure a secure working environment. They are trained to handle electrical components, use personal protective equipment when necessary, and take precautions to prevent accidents or injuries.

We hope this extended list of frequently asked questions and answers has been helpful. If you have any further questions or need more information, feel free to contact us. We are here to provide reliable and professional service for all your appliance repair, air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration needs.

Free Call with Service

We service all types and brands of appliances from Washer Repair, Dryer Repair, Refrigerator Repair, Sub-Zero Refrigerator, Service Call is Free with the repair.

Lowest Prices

We pride our self in the fact that we offer the lowest prices for your appliance repairs in the Bay area. We do offer additional pricing discounts to our repeat customers and seniors.

Trained Technicians

Our service technicians receive many hours of factory training to be able to provide you with the most professional service possible.

Genuine Parts

We use genuine replacement parts, and state-of-the-art test equipment to maintain your appliance’s operating performance and integrity.


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Any Appliance Repair Co. offers top-notch appliance repair services in Santa Clara and San Mateo. Our skilled technicians specialize in repairing a wide range of appliances from major brands such as Amana, Electrolux, GE, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, LG, Maytag, Samsung, Sub-Zero, Thermador, Viking, and Whirlpool. Whether it’s a refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, or washing machine, we have the expertise to fix it. Contact us for reliable and efficient appliance repair services in the Santa Clara and San Mateo area.

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